Top 4 Wedding Lingerie Looks for Plus-Sized Brides

Covid is finally over, lockdowns are being lifted and life is eventually going back to normal. This means after almost two years of no celebrations, there’s going to be a lot of couples who would finally want to get married to the love of their lives.

With the increasing number of weddings occurring right after lockdown, there is a huge demand for bridal lingerie options throughout the world. Since there are already countless lingerie stores providing exclusive lingerie collections for petite women, today we will discuss what plus-sized women can wear during their special day. Here are our top 4 lingerie looks for our full figured brides.


  1. Traditional Gowns and Robes:

Gowns and robes have been a part of lingerie fashion for decades and they’re not going away anytime soon. Most women feel comfortable in gowns and robes as they give proper coverage and allow them to feel confident. You can purchase a fancy lace, mesh, or net robe or gown for your wedding shoot or night and can even take it along for your honeymoon to spice things up. Wedding robes are super seductive accessories that can be worn again and again without going out of style, size, or fashion.


  1. Strapless long line bra:

A strapless longline bra is an excellent choice for those looking for additional support or shapewear for their wedding ceremony. Along with being super comfortable, appealing and classy, these bras cling down to your waist making it look more toned and shaped, further accentuating your lower body. The strapless longline bras are available in a variety of sizes, cup sizes and bandwidths making it easier for you to find an ideal one.


  1. White Lace Set:

The safest lingerie color to wear on your wedding day is obviously white. Now combine this with a lace bra and panty set paired with knee-high stockings and a garter belt. Now that sounds like sexy and appealing wedding lingerie. Before buying any lace lingerie, just make sure it is comfortable for you and that you can easily walk and dance while wearing it. This is because most lace lingerie available in markets is stiff and crinkly, causing the skin to irritate.


  1. Teddies:

Teddies or more commonly known as bodysuits, are exotic pieces of clothing you wear on your upper body. Teddies are clasped between your legs like underwear and provide maximum coverage as well. If you feel like you need to highlight your curves or bring attention to them, you can always wear a teddy with matching stockings and a masquerade mask that will only make you look ten times sexier.



Wedding lingerie is all about comfort. You have to spend hours in that lingerie, while meeting and greeting guests, dancing or even just walking. Just make sure whichever type of lingerie you invest in, it’s comfortable and chic enough to be worn on your special day.

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