Debunking 5 Myths about Shape Wear

Nowadays you will find two types of women. One who swear by wearing shape war every day to feel confident and chic and the other, who have loads of misconceptions about shape wear. Shape wear is still considered as a controversial topic to discuss throughout the world. In fact in some countries, women are still unaware of this life-saving clothing accessory that should be a must in every woman’s wardrobe. For all the confused women who feel conflicted about shapewear, here are a few shape wear myths you should be aware of.


  1. Shape wear will NOT help you lose weight

Many companies sell shapewear using cheap marketing schemes claiming that their shape wear will help you lose weight. This is absolutely absurd and makes no sense at all. Shape wear is a simple piece of spandex that you wear to tuck in your rolls and bulges and make your body appear smooth. It definitely does not result in weight loss. If you want to lose weight, the only healthy and effective solution is to work out routinely and follow a consistent diet.


  1. Shape wear is not for slim women

Shape wear is mistaken as an accessory for plus sized women only. The truth however is that shape wear can be worn by women of all sizes, ages and shapes. You don’t have to be curvy or plumped to wear shape wear. Its purpose is to enhance your appearance and smooth out your body which has greatly affects your appearance by giving you an hourglass figure like the Kardashians.


  1. Shape wear works better if you buy a smaller size

As mentioned above, shape wear is supposed to help you appear smoother not suffocated. Women often make the mistake of buying an incorrect size of shape wear; usually a size smaller. They assume that the smaller their shape wear is the more slimmer they can appear. However if you buy smaller shape wear it only results in more obvious rolls and bulges and restricted movements that leave you out of breath. Hence always ensure you wear the right size of shape wear as you bod type and size.


  1. Shape wear causes health side effects

Traditional corsets that were overly tight in the past may have caused women to faint out, crush ribs or worse, suffer major stomach difficulties. However, we now live in an era with flexible fabrics that can cling to your body and move along it rather than restricting it. Body shapers are safe to use on a daily basis, and some of the top shapewear brands actually encourage blood circulation. Just be sure you get the correct size!


  1. Two shape wears are better than one:

Thanks to today’s instagram models and various other celebrities, women are under the impression that layering shape wear will help them look slimmer and more clenched. However, the more layering you add to your outfit, the heavier you look. This is why we always say, buy the right size of shape wear to ensure you look elegant and stylish.


As mentioned in all the above myths, shape wear is all about enhancing your body and accentuating your already present features. When buying shape wear the only thing you have to do is ensure you get the right size and shape for your body.

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