Are Plus-Sized Bras the Same as Full Bust Bras?

There’s still a widespread belief that large cup sizes are the same as large band sizes and that they both are synonymous. Women with smaller back sizes are often disappointed when only plus size bras are available, whereas people with broader back sizes become irritated when the size of bust brands ends at a 36 or 38inch. Though we feel that more alternatives are necessary for all, but we also understand that when it comes to undergarments, it is necessary for businesses to focus their attention on one category.


Full Bust vs. Full Figure

The terms full figured and full busted are used interchangeably in the lingerie industry. Full figured indicates you have a waist measurement of around 40 or higher, and full busted means that your cup size is a D or bigger. Some ladies can be found in both groups for instance those who are a size 42G. Moreover, any woman with a chest bigger than her hips will be considered as full bust.

However, it still quite isn’t this straightforward. It’s important to consider your body type while determining if you’re full figured or full busted. Bras for full figures women are the plus-size counterpart to the bra world while full-busted women, on the other hand, can wear straight sizes since it’s just their breasts that are bigger not the rest of their bodies.


Does it matter?

If you’re looking for bras to wear with T-shirts, convertible bras, or tank top bras, knowing whether you fall in the category of full busted or full figured is vital to finding designs that fit you more perfectly. Various lingerie companies products for certain physiques, with some offering a comprehensive variety of D cup and higher bras (excellent for full busted women), others offering bigger band or waist sizes (necessary for plus sized females), and some even catering for both.


There’s more to it

Furthermore, certain full figure and full bust underwear businesses may create their bras using totally distinct procedures and fabrics, which is important to guarantee that their products have a decent performances throughout a variety of sizes. To guarantee that plus sized and full-busted users have enough support, these companies may use sturdier and thicker materials and underwire. (It’s important to mention that some companies can’t or won’t invest in the fabrics needed to fit plus sized and full figure bra size variations.) Bras developed expressly for a full busted person will typically have more support, coverage and seaming in the cups, along with other elements, whereas bras built for a full figured or plus sized person would typically have broader, sturdier and more durable under bands.



To make sure you’re investing your money in the right type of lingerie, its extremely crucial to first know your right size. We hope our guide was able to help you distinguish between plus sized aka full figure and full busted bras.

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