Are Garter Belts and Garters the Same Thing?

People are often confused about the difference between a garter belt and a garter. This confusion leads them to place wrong orders and ends up ruining their expectations. Although the difference between the two terms is quite subtle, knowing about it can help you save a few dollars.

What is a garter?

A garter can also be referred to as a wedding or bridal garter. It is a representation of an old wedding tradition where the bride wears a piece of fancy lace or fabric around her thighs during the ceremony. The lace is stitched to an elastic band which helps the bride to dance and walk easily without the garter falling off her legs. In many cultures, the bride removes her garter and throws it at the crowd to catch, it is rumored that whoever catches the bride’s garter will be married next and is considered as a sign of good luck.

Whether you toss it around during your wedding or wear it for your honeymoon, a garter is one of the most important heirlooms for most brides. Although some people pass their bridal garters down generations, you can still buy a new one at any wedding apparel store.

What is a garter belt?

A garter belt has become an integral part of women’s lingerie fashion. It’s a piece of lingerie that is wrapped or clipped around a woman’s waist to hold the stockings or pantyhose in their place. Typically, a garter belt is made using lace for an additional seductive touch however you can still find many made using other materials.

Garter belt dates back to pre-elastic times when stockings needed anchoring to hold up. That is when garter belts were introduced so they could be wrapped around one’s waist and support the stockings and prevent them from falling.

How do you pair garter belts with garters?

When you visit a lingerie store today and ask them for their sexiest lingerie options, you’ll find many that have garters and garter belts. You can wear garters alone without the belt but to wear a garter belt you need to pair it wither with plain lace garters or with above-the-knee stockings. It’s usually recommended to find matching pairs of garters and garter belts if you’re wearing them together.


Now that you know the basic difference between garters and garter belts, we hope it will be easier for you to shop for your favorite lingerie without wasting money on something you do not want.

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