4 Tips to Style Sheer Lingerie

Gone are the days when cleavage was considered as a lingerie trend. In the recent years, lingerie is more about minimalism and toned down efforts rather than bulk or extravagance. This is why sheer lingerie has grown in popularity and accessibility, with delicate, skin-flashing materials being utilized in different ways rather than just the classic baby doll.

One unanticipated benefit of lockdowns is that bras aren’t considered as an under garment anymore. Wearing underwear as clothes is now a normal and pleasant shift for warm days at work and evenings spent out with friends and family. Isn’t it true that when the planet warms, you need lesser clothing on your body?

Being a see through and incredibly comfortable fabric, sheer lingerie is an excellent choice for women today. It looks appealing but also very minimal and casual. Unlike fancy lace bras, sheer lingerie can be easily styled as a part of your everyday look. However ensure you keep these three tips in mind before you head out with a sheer bra.


  1. It should be comfortable:

Anything sheer whether lingerie or tops is one of the most comfortable clothing items you can own. Before buying or wearing sheer lingerie, make sure you’re content with the comfort it provides you with. After all comfort is the whole essence of wearing sheer. Most sheer lingerie is made using thin fabrics like mesh, chiffon or few types of lace. No amount of decoration or embellishment on sheer lingerie should be enough to impede with your general comfort.


  1. Choose the color cautiously:

Sheer skin is supposed to reflect your skin and make it look appealing. Although all color suit all women, it’s still recommended to buy one that goes with your skin tone. For instance, if you’re light skinned, find a darker mesh like black or maroon, while if you’re dark skinned, it’s best to go for white or neon colors that pop up on your skin. In short, sheer looks better when worn in contrast with your skin tone.


  1. Accentuate your sheer lingerie with body art:

When styling sheer lingerie it’s important to consider the parts of your body you want to attract attention to. Body art like tattoos and piercings can be highlighted using sheer lingerie. Although body art itself is quite beautiful and appealing, the touch of sheer can accentuate it and make it twice more majestic.


  1. Protect your nipples:

Although it’s 2021 and many women are comfortable with their nipples showing, it’s still not very normal for the majority. If you happen to fall among such women and are avoiding sheer lingerie because it will reveal your nipples, you can buy nipple tapings, the color of your skin to cover them. Now you have no excuse not to buy a sheer lingerie!


There are so many ways to incorporate sheer lingerie in your daily wear. Whether you wear sheer lingerie with another set of lingerie underneath, with nipple coverings or with nothing, just make sure you keep your comfort over everything else!

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