3 Ways for Plus-Sized Women to Determine the Ideal Shape-Wear

The times of concealing your curves under oversized or poorly fitting clothing are gone. Today, it’s all about giving your body the recognition it deserves by embracing it and proudly appreciating your curves. Every body is beautiful, and every woman, especially the curvaceous ones, deserves to go out feeling comfortable and confident every day, as per the latest fashion industry standards.

Fortunately ever since the introduction of shapewear, there are plentiful opportunities for plus-size women to express themselves through what they wear today as compared to ever before. You can sport any style if you wear the correct shapewear beneath to accentuate your silhouette. Here are 3 ways you can determine whether shapewear will fit you correctly or not.


  1. Consider your measurements:

The first thing you should consider before purchasing shapewear is to buy one according to your normal size or one size larger. Some women claim that wearing a downsized shapewear compresses more which creates better silhouettes.  The truth is that when you wear shapewear which is even just one size smaller than your normal size it can cause lumps and bumps and rolls in places you don’t really want them, as well as being pretty uncomfortable. Plus, the size of shapewear is different than the size of underwear. You can’t correspond the two sizes.


  1. Determine your body shape:

Quality shapewear doesn’t magically turn you into an hourglass, it simply enhances the body shape you already have. Recognizing your body shape and type can help you realize the magnificence you were born with, irrespective of your inches or size.  It will also help you in choosing the perfect body shape enhancer for your type: they tend to divert attention away from the parts you are insecure about and draw it towards others that need to be highlighted.


  1. Choose the support level:

Compression apparel for plus-size ladies are usually available in three distinct types:


  • Light compression

Are you trying to smooth out any rolls to wear your dresses or tight shirts more comfortably? Light compression shapewear items can be worn every day and smooth out the rolls so you can flaunt your appearance all day.


  • Medium compression

Do you wish to accentuate your curves with moderate compression? Moderate compression shapewear is made using soft, elastic materials that stick to your body, giving it subtle curves. Firm control pieces are easy to be worn for hours in a day.


  • Firm compression

Firm compression shapewear is usually recommended to give your figure more toning and shaping. This type of shape wear is ideal for sophisticated, luxury apparel such as wedding gowns, long dresses, ball gowns, and short dresses. They make you feel toned down and shaped, yet still quite comfortable.



You deserve to live with confidence, no matter your size. With the latest body shapers, you can wear any outfit, formally or informally, with the sleek, soft and flawless coverage like those in movies! When it comes to style, your wardrobe has no bounds. So, go ahead and show off your finest self! Just don’t forget to remain self-assured and proud!

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