3 Types of Must-Have Shapewear for Plus-Sized Women

Gone are the days when tight clothing were for size zero only and plus sized women had to wear baggy and oversized tops to hide their curves.  Nowadays, it’s all about body positivity and self-love which means it’s time for our plus-sized beauties to embrace themselves and feel beautiful in their own bodies.

Curvy women often avoid wearing tight tops or dresses out of fear of their bulges being too exposed. However thanks to the invention of shapewear, now you can easily pull off chic clothes without stressing about your silhouette. Here are 3 types of shape wear every plus sized woman must have in their closets.


  1. The body suit:

Much like the traditional body suits, shapewear body suits are meant to cover your upper body from the chest to the torso. The material used to make shapewear bodysuits is often stretchable nylon or spandex which securely tucks in your curves, enhancing your natural body shape. These body suits provide a full back and tummy coverage to make your waist appear snatched and prevent the formation of bra bulges. You can wear these body suits under any body con dress which is supposed to make you appear like an hourglass.


  1. Biker Sorts:

If you’re someone who feels insecure about their thighs and lower waist, biker shorts are the ideal choice for you. These shorts are made up of spandex material and are extremely stretchable. Apart from confining your thighs to their place and giving you a beautiful sleek silhouette, biker shorts can also protect your thighs against chaffing and irritation. Biker shorts can we worn under pants, dresses and any other clothing which calls for a smooth waist and butt appearance. Our favorite part about biker shorts is that you can wear them alone with a top as well!


  1. Shaping Panties:

Shaping panties are similar to biker shorts, offering coverage to your middle torso but not the thighs. These spandex panties are ideal for women who want their tummy tucked and their waist looking smooth. You can wear these like regular underwear under all sorts of clothing. The best part is that unlike corsets, spandex panties are much more comfortable to wear all day and do not leave you out of breath or bruised due to tight closure.


Shapewear is not something you should be ashamed of wearing. It’s meant to enhance your body and make it appear smoother and tucked in. However before getting yourself any type of shapewear, ensure you choose the perfect size!

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